Inside INdigital: A blast from the past

On October 10 of this year, we saw the third anniversary of the very first Next-Gen 911 call in Alabama. Before that, in 2018, we celebrated 50 years of 911. This year is 52. As someone who doesn’t have a public safety background, 911 not existing was never something I thought about. I’d never considered there hadn’t always been a simple, three-digit number to call for help. I was a bit naive to believe that, I guess.

A Glimpse at Greatness: What’s to Come at Dare to be Great.

W O W ! It’s almost time for the fall Dare to be Great Conference, and we have some awesome speakers from INdigital lined up for you, and we are looking forward to kicking October 6th off for you folks! Like we’ve said before, this conference is about you and helping you to be confident, bold, mindful, great and so much more! A handful of our team was you, so they get it. They’ve been in your shoes, they’re walking with you, and we all want to help keep you and your community safe. . .