As we continue to grow rapidly, we need motivated and talented individuals that share our passion and purpose, to think outside the box and help us continue to achieve our goals.

Here at INdigital we believe in developing for the future, in going above and beyond current standards, and in improving 9-1-1.

Note: New positions will be added as they become available.

Application Process

Submit a resume or CV to jobs@indigital.netEvaluation, e-mail follow upIf qualified, you will have an e-mail discussion or phone call for follow up
Non-selected candidatesResume (CV) kept on file for 6 months, then returned
Proposed candidate (step 1)Schedule an in-person interview with an ops personScreening requirements
We are 100% tested drug free workforce by Indiana (Executive order #5)
A challenge background check and fingerprint enrollment is required for some positions
Vetted candidate (step 2)If the position is for a team assignment, a work group team meeting is requiredStep 2 of the candidate screening process
Qualified candidate (step 3)Spend-a-dayINdigital requires that the candidate spend a day at the company to become acquainted with the company culture and work teams
Selected candidate (Final step)Negotiated employment offer, candidate is issued an employment offer letterWork assignment, on the job training and personal development begin