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As a full service public safety provider, we have developed advanced applications through research and development, planning, design and successful implementation including fully integrated ANI/ALI service, text-FOR-911, ESiNet and PSAP disaster recovery. Explore our services to learn more about what we can offer your operation.

Next-Gen Core Services (NGCS)

INdigital NGCS includes emergency voice and text call routing, location information database services, network integration, and disaster recovery all delivered via a redundant, private, and secure IP network.



A remote PSAP to deliver the service you need, wherever you need them.

911 Logix

A web-based real-time analysis service. A seamless, efficient way to receive information on agency performance without an investment in hardware or software.


Texty is a platform that allows the PSAP to ‘add on’ non-voice (SMS) to an existing phase II E9-1-1 call. It provides text TO and FROM 9-1-1 services, and now offering language translation.

Ryzyliant is a provider of modern public safety solutions.


Ensuring 911 is there when you need it by providing specialized cybersecurity.