Visualize your data
the Next-Gen way.


Seamless and efficient performance information without a hardware or software investment.

911 Logix is a web-based real-time analysis service.  PSAPs and ECCs need answers to call statistics to efficiently operate the center.  How many calls does an agency handle? How quickly are they answered? 911 Logix technology provides public safety agencies with solutions to operational challenges.

Benefits of 911 Logix include:

  • Comparative analysis of data with other agencies
  • Identification of call patterns
  • Tracking agency objectives vs. actual performance
  • Sophisticated graphical reports

911 Logix is a product designed to offer a seamless, efficient way to receive information on agency performance without an investment in hardware or software. 911 Logix is a network-based management information service available via secured access over the internet that provides a real-time dashboard with permission-based views. With this access, 911 Logix gives an agency a tremendous amount of information on 911, ten-digit emergency and Text to 911 calls. This information can be presented in simple graphs, tables or advanced visualizations. Additionally, sophisticated mapping, and alerting features can be sent to your desktop or mobile device.