INdigital Donates PSAP Workstations to Illinois Institute of Technology RTC Labs

Fort Wayne, IN – July 1, 2024 – INdigital has donated 9-1-1 center equipment to the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). IIT students will use this equipment to learn and test Next-Generation 9-1-1 systems, which support emerging technologies such as Real-Time Communications (RTC) and software-defined radio (SRS) systems. Students will engage in hands-on learning during classes and experiments to enhance emergency 9-1-1 services.

Carol Davids, a Research Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at IIT, expressed her gratitude. She said, “INdigital is a true friend to the RTC Lab, and we greatly appreciate their many contributions. ‘We can help you do that’ is INdigital’s response to the many challenges we have faced together over the years. Their team brings a community-building spirit to our collaborations, reminiscent of cooperation among neighbors as they help put up a barn or harvest a crop before the rain. Their patience, generosity, and the depth and breadth of their knowledge have been critical both to the individual students and staff who work with them and to the success of the lab projects they have led and contributed to. Their recent donation of host computers and Software Defined Radio systems will enable a new set of projects that students are eagerly beginning.”

INdigital supports educational initiatives and fosters a collaborative spirit within the technological community. The donated equipment will significantly enhance students’ learning experiences at IIT, enabling them to work on innovative projects and develop their skills in real-time communications.

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INdigital is a leading provider of public safety communications solutions. With a focus on innovation and community support, INdigital is dedicated to delivering advanced technology solutions that enhance public safety and improve communications for emergency responders and the communities they serve.

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