Uncross your wires, and your fingers.

Next Gen Core Services (NGCS)

INdigital Next-Gen Core Services (NGCS) include emergency voice and text call routing, location information database services, network integration, and disaster recovery all delivered via a redundant, private, and secure IP network.

NGCS are implemented with full redundancy to all emergency service agencies and associated end points. INdigital NGCS are i3 compliant and designed to adapt to future standards development. Regardless of the call type or destination, INdigital NGCS provides redundant, resilient, and reliable service delivery.

To date, INdigital has successfully delivered over 35 million emergency calls across IP networks.

What We Offer

Any Location

The development of our products & services allow us to deploy & deliver to any location.

Any Carrier

Regardless the type of carrier service available, INdigital designs multifaceted self-healing networks that our clients have confidence in.

Any Time

Disaster can strike at any time. That’s why our support & services are available 24/7/365.