INdigital Swiftly Restores 911 Service to Holmes and Jackson Counties After Outage

INdigital, a leading provider of next-generation 911 core services, successfully restored 911 service in Holmes and Jackson Counties, Florida, after a significant outage on July 2, 2024, leaving residents without access to the 911 network. The outage affected both counties that were using another 911 provider. 

In response to the outage, Holly Peacock and Kellie Uitts from INdigital immediately delivered ENCORE kits to the affected areas. ENCORE is an extension of INdigital’s MEVO, a disaster recovery platform. ENCORE offers 911 call disaster recovery for PSAPs on any network. It ensures full independence and backup for 911 and administrative call handling systems, operating parallel to existing systems to maintain local dispatch operations during service interruptions. ENCORE handles 911 and administrative calls, reroutes call delivery, and includes features like ALI display, mapping, instant recall recording, call history, and logging.

Eric Hartman, Vice President of INdigital, commented on the situation:

“Our team demonstrated exceptional agility and dedication in responding to the outage in Holmes and Jackson Counties. The rapid deployment of our ENCORE kits underscores our commitment to ensuring uninterrupted emergency services. It highlights the ability to provide 911 centers with caller and location information no matter who the service provider is.”

Similarly, Daniel Warren, Director of Communications and 9-1-1 Coordinator for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, shared his appreciation: 

“We are deeply grateful to INdigital for their extraordinary support during the 911 outage in Jackson County. Despite JCSO not being their customer, Holly and the team at INdigital went above and beyond by driving an ENCORE Disaster Recovery Kit three hours to our 911 center. This selfless act enabled us to swiftly resume taking 911 calls, providing accurate location and call data. Their immediate response was instrumental in ensuring continued 911 call delivery and maintaining public safety during this critical period. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the INdigital team for their invaluable assistance and commitment to public service.”

This incident showcased INdigital’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively and highlighted the superior service model that sets INdigital apart from other providers. INdigital extends its sincere thanks to everyone involved in the successful restoration of 911 service.