INside INdigital: Preparing Your PSAP for the Unexpected

When you think about the word “preparedness,” what comes to mind? What types of things do you prepare for most? A child starting school for the very first time, a marriage proposal, purchasing your first car, or a new home? What about your safety as you walk into a grocery store, exercising at your local park, getting behind the wheel to start your day? As public safety personnel, there are a few other things we need to prepare for every day we walk into work – inclement weather, are you prepared for it?

Telecommunicators in 911 centers must be prepared for all types of events, even if it doesn’t directly impact them. The definition of preparedness means “a state of readiness, especially for war.” In the life of a telecommunicator, preparedness is what makes them tick, helps them get through the day’s events, whatever they might be. Yes, they are trained on how to answer a 911 call with a short phrase, “911, where is your emergency,” but that is just the beginning.