MEVO Disaster Recovery


Your Mobile PSAP


requires wheels.

Introducing MEVO. A Mobile PSAP. Carry it to the next concert. Grab it if you must evacuate. Need a secondary PSAP for the upcoming 3-day holiday weekend? MEVO does everything you need to operate your PSAP at home or away.

MEVO requires much less bandwidth to operate than traditional 911 systems, allowing for the system to be deployed on consumer grade IP connections such as

  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • DSL
  • Local Fiber
  • 3G/4G Wireless Networks
    • ANI/ALI Display
    • Rebid
    • Call Back
    • Call History Tools
    • Instant Recall

    Many agencies use a customized MEVO platform in their emergency response vehicles. They require only a data connection via 3G/4G or Satellite connection to be deployed.

    MEVO comes with an attractive price point, and is easily integrated into operation protocols. This approach allows 911 centers to provide high availability 911 services.

    PSAPs also have the ability to use the hot standby disaster recovery platform in an 'active + active' 911 delivery platform.