Meet Our Staff The Usual Suspects

Master Inquiry Report
Several field reports and undercover informants indicate there has been a partial reorganization of the INdigital ‘gang.’ As you know, gang activity should be watched closely. Such activity is important to the public safety sector. This special report has been prepared to inform (and entertain) our customers of who does what at INdigital and provide background about what makes them tick.


These three are the masterminds of the INdigital gang. They are under heavy surveillance at all times and reportedly spend a majority of their time flying to various parts of the country for ‘business.’ They are very clever and highly dangerous, not to be approached without immense planning and heavy backup.


Mark Grady

1st Vice President

Jon Whirledge

Eric Hartman
Executive VP


The bookkeepers of the INdigital gang. They keep meticulous financial records of all the gang’s activities and are not to be crossed. Can be frequently seen shaking down co-workers for missing receipts.


Brad Mixan


Jon Whirledge

Amanda Boyd

Cathy Trowbridge

Kara Goodrich
HR Coordinator

Melissa Bolyn

Adminitration Operations

Somebody has to do it. A conference call, a mad dash to Office Depot or the endless number of intercompany service orders. Nobody does it better...

Amy Brumbaugh-Smith
Software Developer

Adam Hawkins
Logistics Specialist

Jennifer Pasick
Database Clerk

Jennifer Naverrete
Data Ninja

Brent Cummings
Chief Quality Officer

Marissa Schneider
Technical Writer

Customer Relations

As masters of the silver tongue, the customer relations crew of INdigital use their verbal judo to soothe and ease those they come in contact with.

Phil Bates
Program Manager

Ricardo Martinez II
Market Manager

Eric Hartman
Executive VP

Lori Beckman-Forrer
Service Manager

Brian Rumsey
Implementation Specialist

Jim Tollaksen
Sales Manager

Bobbie Carter
Project Manager

Staci Galligher
Project Coordinator

Deb Prather
Director Regulatory Affairs

Stacy Roberts
Account Executive

Larry Stidham
Director of Sales & Marketing

April Heinze
Industry Affairs Specialist

Vicky Bluemke
Training Coordinator

Sara Leazenby

Meredith Cameron
Sales Project Manager

Network Management

The 911 network is like a big machine. It has a lot of moving parts, and they all have to be cared for.

Sam Wells
Hardware Ops

Karl Harris
Hardware Ops

Jim Doty
Senior Technician Telecom Ops

Jack Goss
Core Network Services

Kent Claussen
Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Creek
Hardware Ops


The hopes and dreams of the INdigital gang reside within the developers. From the Code Monkey to Mr. Wizard, they are the magic makers and problem solvers.

Corey Wysong
Full Stack

Tyler Thompson
Software Dev

James Kinney
Chief Innovation Officer

Kyle Dijkstra
Software Dev

Brice Aldrich
Software Dev

Jeoff Dafforn
Product Realization Manager

Luis Villasenor Munoz
Software Dev

Field Service

This group is highly mobile and frequently seen in the wild. They have a high level of knowledge of the geography of Indiana and could easily win a ‘license plate bingo’ contest with their knowledge. They correctly pronounce the names of towns like Vevay, Paoli, and Russiaville; and they can spell Kosciusko and Loogootee. Most importantly, they know the difference between Veego and Viigo.

Daniel Kuhn
Core Services & Logistics

Joel Leonheart
Field Manager

Curt Wolfenberger
Security & System Engineer

Clint Reynolds
Field Technician

Dalton Hare
Field Technician

Joe Schultz
Field Technician

Kent Steinacker
Field Technician

Craig White
Field Technician

Fernando Martinez
Field Technician

Bill Bassett
Field Technician

Darren Young
Field Technician

Brent Savill
Field Technician

Quality Resolution Center

This is the usual portal you would pass thru to get into crazy land. These are the gatekeepers, the do-it-all help desk, the Dr. Phil’s of technology. “How did that work out for you?” They want to help, and they stay on task, because to quote Dr. Phil: “Awareness without action is worthless.”

Nathan Durre
N/C QRC Manager

Rob Fisher
N/C QRC Manager

Jason Anderson
QRC Technician

David Rosenberry
Quality Assurance

Devin Wolfenberger
QRC Technician

Chase Stoker
QRC Technician